Bands in the Boudoir

Episode 7: Claire Lynch

August 26, 2021 Claire Lynch Season 1 Episode 7
Bands in the Boudoir
Episode 7: Claire Lynch
Show Notes

In this episode I'm talking to the very charming and talented Claire Lynch.  

Long recognized and praised as a creative force in acoustic music, Claire Lynch is a pioneer who has continually pushed the boundaries of the Bluegrass genre. Her career has been decorated with many accolades including three GRAMMY nominations, eight International Bluegrass Music Association awards and the prestigious United States Artists Walker Fellowship.

 Dolly Parton credits Claire with "one of the sweetest, purest and best lead voices in the music business today." Her harmonies have graced the recordings of many stellar musicians. Equally gifted as a writer, her songs have been recorded by The Seldom Scene, Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea, Cherryholmes, The Whites, Irene Kelley, Pierce Pettis and others.

Listen to claire's musical journey and some fabulous backstories to her songs as well as joining us for a bit of a giggle. It was wonderful to catch up with Claire again after many years.  Enjoy

Visit Claire's website:
Twitter:  @ClaireLynchSong
Facebook:  Claire Lynch Music
Instagram: Claire Lynch Music