Bands in the Boudoir

Episode 2 - Mike Mitchell

May 12, 2021 lynne nash Season 1 Episode 2
Bands in the Boudoir
Episode 2 - Mike Mitchell
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Episode 2.  

In this Episode I am talking to Mike Mitchell a singer/songwriter and fiddle player from Virginia.  He also owns and runs the Floyd Music School 

I have recently played his latest single 'Calling me' on my show and I was interested to catch up with Mike and learn his bluegrass story and the story behind the song.  

With his effortless vocals, distinctive songwriting, and instrumental prowess, Mike continues to capture audiences and carve out his own place in bluegrass.

I hope you enjoy our chat :)

Here are some more details of how you can find out more about Mike and his music school , listen to his song and where you can follow him

NEW Single, “Calling Me”, streaming everywhere, Sept. 2020

Mike’s  latest album, “Small Town”, debuted at #2 on the Billboard bluegrass chart. 

Stop by his website to find out more

You can also find him on Facebook:

and on Twitter

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