Bands in the Boudoir

Episode 1 - Andre Dal

April 27, 2021 Season 1 Episode 1
Bands in the Boudoir
Episode 1 - Andre Dal
Show Notes

In this podcast series I talk to all the artists I play on my Boudoir Bluegrass Radio -  show on  Enjoy :)

Here I'm talking to Andre Dal who is a Portuguese banjo player and songwriter with an album out in June but a single out now 'Beyond the Tagus river'.

Listen to his bluegrass story, the story of the album and how he's trying to put Portugal on the bluegrass map.

Here is some more information on him. 

Andre Dal is one of the main drivers of Bluegrass in Portugal. With his band, Stonebones & Bad Spaghetti, he seeks to bring Portugal's name to the Bluegrass community, performing at various festivals throughout Europe. His goal is to be able to spread this style in Portugal, so little publicized and known here.

After 8 years of work in the realization of a life project, 2021 is the debut year of André Dal.  Centered on traditional American music, Bluegrass, his album is a collection of traditional songs and his preferences, as well as originals that, over time, he composed and where his Portuguese influence is present.

With the participation of 16 musicians from 10 different countries, Beyond the Tagus River is, in fact, a bridge between continents, between the past and the future, which unites the friendship of all who love this style of music.

The performers on the album are: 

Gil Pereira (PT) - Upright Bass  
Bob Hamilton (USA) - Guitar 
Chris Luquette (USA) - Guitar  
Reuben Agnew (NIR) - Guitar  
Dave Bagdade (USA) - Mandolin  
Jeff Cardey (CAN) - Mandolin  
Jean-Michel Pache (CH) - Mandolin  
Katsuhiro Narita (JAP) - Mandolin  
Daniel Olsson (SWE) - Dobro  
Jeroen Schmohl (NED) - Dobro  
Olivier Uldry (CH) - Dobro  
Charlotte Saelemakers (BE) - Fiddle 
Joon Laukamp (GER) - Fiddle  
Joram Peeters (NED) - Fiddle  
Meade Richter (USA) - Fiddle

Also,  Banjo - Andre Dal,  Mixing and Mastering - Jason Borisoff Graphics - Hildebrando Soares

His band is called Stonebones & Bad spaghetti - what a great name eh?  Here's the explanation from Andre behind the name

 "Stonebones & Bad Spaghetti is a free translation of 2 places in Portugal. One is where I work and the other is where the guy that I started the band with was living at the time."

 Here's their facebook page :

Also here's a link to the Portuguese Bluegrass Festival page :

Here's a link to his youtube channel:

He has a crowdfunding website which he's trying to raise money to pay the musicians that have generously given their time to his new album.   Here's the link if you wish to support him :