Bands in the Boudoir

Curly Strings

August 11, 2023 lynne nash Season 2 Episode 7
Bands in the Boudoir
Curly Strings
Show Notes

Join me whilst I talk to Eeva and Villu Talsi from this wonderful Estonian Band.  Listen to their musical journey.  This was recorded earlier on in 2023. 

Curly Strings is an acoustic four-piece band that draws its inspiration from their own personal heritage in the current Estonian cultural space. Intense and playful ensemble work paired with a sincere presentation of their original music forms the main basis of Curly Strings’ soundscape. The band’s rise in the Estonian music scene in 2013 was a phenomenon unlike any other: a folk music artist became mainstream by collecting national music awards and being the top seller in music stores for more than a year. They bring their unique Baltic take to the acoustic music world in combining the familiar with the unfamiliar, having catchy heartfelt songwriting side-by-side with folk music aesthetics, making them an exciting act to look out for.


Eeva Talsi – fiddle, lead vocals
Taavet Niller – upright bass, vocals
Peeter Priks – guitar, vocals
Villu Talsi – mandolin, vocals

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