Bands in the Boudoir

Episode 13: Connor Banks

June 18, 2022 lynne nash Season 1 Episode 13
Bands in the Boudoir
Episode 13: Connor Banks
Show Notes

This is my second time chatting to this delightful and talented young artist.  The first time we chatted about music and mental health on my other podcast The Power of Music and Voice -Episode 2 in fact, however in this Episode on Bands in the Boudoir we are talking about his musical journey, his songwriting, his future plans and lots in between.

I have been following his musical journey for a couple of years and it's becoming quite exciting AND busy for him not least because he will be releasing a debut EP this year.   He has been working very hard and is pretty much doing it all by himself, with support from family and friends - very admirable indeed. 

Join Connor and I whilst we chat. 

Here are a couple of links for you:

First of all here is a link to his next concert.  If you live up north and you wish to have a great evening of live entertainment then I recommend you get tickets for his gig at The  Castle Hotel, 66  Oldham street, Manchester on Tuesday 21st June with special guests.  Tickets can be bought from: Ticketweb  you won't be disappointed and of course you will be supporting live music :)

Check out his  links:


I have another podcast.  The Power of Music and Voice where my guests share inspiring and often, personal  stories .  Feel free to stop by and listen